The various steps in building an RCM custom machine

By your side

At RCM flexibility and listening are always the word of the day. The specific characteristics of the end product determine how the assembly system will be structured.


As manufacturers of custom machinery, we are often privy to information on new products to be launched on the market. Full confidentiality and strict adherence to deadlines are two of our top prerogatives.

Custom machines
for assembly
line production

Customization goes hand-in-hand with productivity, functionality and flexibility in automated machine manufacturing.


To achieve maximum efficiency in the assembly line process and truly optimize productivity, we must first put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We listen to their questions, requests and objectives, we overcome challenges thanks to our skills and experience, and, finally, we give shape to the most suitable and effective solution.


Innovation LAB

No innovation means no progress. Problem-solving is embedded in our DNA, and our staff is constantly kept up-to-date through targeted training.


We encourage creativity and research engineering: we routinely experiment with the most innovative technologies, creating prototypes, automation systems and “trial” equipment built specifically to explore the latest developments in the field of industrial automation.


Experience, openness to innovation and intuition are what guides our experts and engineers as they strive to meet the needs and requests of each customer. During this stage of the work, we discuss our ideas and projects with the customer, in order to find potentially viable and effective solutions.


We work closely with numerous experts and authorities in our field, professionals based at research centers, universities and specialized suppliers, in order to find new avenues, increasingly innovative approaches, cutting-edge tools and groundbreaking technologies.


The RCM Reserach & Development division is mainly active in three areas:

  • Edge computing: real-time elaboration of device data and interoperability with management systems;
  • Artificial intelligence: applications for process analysis and monitoring and predictive maintenance;
  • Robotics technology: new applications for robotic manipulation guided by artificial vision.

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At RCM, listening to the customer is a priority. Through conversations with technical and support personnel, we are able to identify the best solutions.


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