Testing and control units

During the final stage of automated assembly, our fully-customized control and testing units monitor functional, size and qualitative compliance of every single workpiece assembled according to customer specifications, putting the finishing touches on the assembly process and releasing the 100% compliant assembled piece.

We offer and develop video inspection solutions, robot guidance, inductive and optical control sensors, flow and force measurement devices, color and contrast sensors, laser and temperature sensors. In order to assemble fully-compliant pieces and avoid waste, pieces are also monitored at intermediate stages of the assembly process

Our applications of Testing and control units

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One-of-a-kind solutions built around each customer’s specific requests, always conceived with the same goals in mind: optimize productivity, simplify processes, exploit the technology to its fullest potential.

Production and assembly
For each client we can apply different techniques
loading system
Circular and linear, designed by us
test benches
Entrance/exit tests
Pick and place, grooves, lubrication...
Laser, ink-jet, impact marking
Artificial vision
Functional Test
Customized assembly machinery
RCM Builds 100% customized assembly machines and systems. We manufacture machinery and production lines designed around each customer's needs.